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Ingenial: the ideal partner for your IT Project. We advise projects on digital business ideas, technological development, and IT-based scaling opportunities.

IT Services

We part of the Usability Cluster – UXarte TIC del Quindio, a grand community of companies from the region and we work with the ParqueSoft network, and also participated in training and technical formation with and the Ministry of Technology and Communications.

JavaScript Development

WordPress Development

Software Testing

UX Testing



*Rates available only for the first three months of the first project. Inquiry for the normal rates.

There are two ways to Work with us

Choose a Team member that Fit your Needs...

Option 1: Augmented Team

You can choose to work directly with one of our collaborators, he will be in charge of attending meetings, performing the tasks assigned to you and delivering the work to you, as if he were another member of your augmented IT team with our help in Q&A, testing and management.


Both are Fully Culture and Politics Adaptive

We are on Slack and Github too..

No matter how your team chats, plans or controls their tasks, our collaborators will adjust to the needs of the project. You will fell that they are another employee, to whom you can assign tasks and request reports.


... or Hire our Remote Full-Stack Team

Option 2: IT Outsourcing

The second way is that you have our whole team work together to perform tasks that you assign us. A person in charge of the project will be the direct contact with your work team and will attend meetings, plan tasks with the team and transmit messages in both directions.


Let us help you make your next development project a success