Automated Marketing & Integrations

The rules of the game of digital patterns are constantly evolving to make way for new and more refined forms of promotion and segmentation. Taking advantage of these opportunities requires practice, expertise and patience to find the best way to guide. With our methodology, we can try different segmentation alternatives, content or type of guidelines to find which the combination that has the best conversion is and thus be able to design high impact marketing campaigns.

The statistical and scientific model used for a/b testing gave a methodological structure to marketing based on data, optimized the scope of dissemination and had an impact on the investment made. The goal is to find the best cost / benefit on Facebook, Instagram or Google AdWords.

Modern companies use data-driven strategies to amplify their messages and reduce the cost and work of their campaigns, which is why it is vital to integrate their eCommerce, sales tools and marketing altogether and start leading the marketing war. The restoration of this union, together with the automation of marketing processes, can give your company a spark of genius when using customizable, automated and replicable marketing. The real benefit is in making the right decisions for your company. At Ingenial we can integrate almost any software (CRM, BI, Analytics, Sales & Marketing) with your eCommerce or your mobile application. Unlock new business opportunities thanks to collected data and automated tasks.

Do you need help in data-driven strategies for marketing campaigns?

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