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Our Services

We are part of the Usability Cluster – UXarte TIC del  Quindio, a grand community of companies from the region. We work with the ParqueSoft network, and also participated, with high performance, in training and technical formation with and the IT Ministry.
Mobile Apps Development

Mobile services are increasingly important for companies because it allows them the opportunity to interact with customers or users directly from their cell phone, at any time, anywhere.

Progressive Web Development

Static and only informative web pages are unattractive business tools, because they are so simple and generate so little value to the user. With the new web development trends, these problems have been solved and turned into an opportunity to capture a different market niche.

Programmatic Software Testing

Even most experts miss some manual errors; the programmatic testing will reduce greatly the errors caused by human mistakes. This tool allows you to test the software that is going to be delivered to the client in several ways.

Usability Testing Lab for UI/UX

Modern interface design seeks to generate more engagement and conversion. To optimize the performance of a solution it is necessary to think and invest in usability, this is a plus for all users and will improve the conversion rate of its technological solutions.

Third Party Integrations and Automizations

Modern companies use data-driven strategies to amplify their messages and reduce the cost and work of their campaigns, which is why it is vital to integrate their eCommerce, sales tools and marketing altogether and start leading the game.

How We Work

Initially, a diagnosis is made, the idea/solution is constructed by means of sketches. In each phase feedback and controls are carried out in order to refine and improve your digital solution.

Step 1: Needs Diagnostic

One or several interviews are conducted between the client and the company, depending on the complexity of the solution, where it is determined which are the main tasks that users must perform, their pains and needs, in order to identify which are the key factors that generate value for them.

Step 2: Design the Solution

Once we have fully understood the business model we are going to implement, propose and design the tool that best fits the needs of your company. We understand that each company can be found at a different level of maturity and that requires customized solutions.

Step 3: Build the Product

The usability, scalability, and stability of our solutions are general characteristics regardless of the size of the project. Your digital projects will be world class with a touch of our innovation.

Step 4: Follow-up and Support

We deliver the software tested by our team to minimize errors discovered after launch. Adequate support and maintenance are key to the effective implementation of any technological solution.

Our Product's Tech

React Native
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Swift native
Express js
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VS Code
Circle CI
AWS Lambda
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Kubernetes Containers

Our Customer Says

“Launch your project with Ingenial is to start with the right foot. The team gave more than I expected by hiring them to design and develop my business idea. They are a proactive and resourceful team, they helped me with expertise and professionalism by making my mobile application better than I imagined.


Edwin Torres – CEO


“They perfectly understood our needs and knew how to make real the ideal solution. Initially, the project was something simple and only some front-end adjustments were required but thanks to the professionalism of Sebastián and his team it has been possible to create a stable relationship that has benefited us both mutually


John Nogrady – CTO


“The product exceeded our expectations and generated true value for us. We contracted mobile development services and obtained the right solution for our company. These guys guided us in the right direction and now we have more peace of mind with our constant growth and scaling. Excellent support


Rubén Navarro – CEO