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About Ingenial

Ingenial Development Company

We build custom software, located in the coffee region of Colombia. We are an interdisciplinary team of experts that work together to provide a solution for the needs of our customers in an effective and personalized way.

Work Culture

Our work culture is reflected in each of our team’s activities and focuses on the continuous improvement of the work methods used, the optimization of results and the high usability of our clients’ tools.


Our Vision is in 2024 to be a Latin American leader in the development of innovative technological solutions.

Made to Fit

We adjust our solutions to the size and type of each company, regardless of which economic sector your business operates. Your customers and users will be satisfied with the tools developed, thanks to our focus on the client and research of the processes, tasks, and needs of each user.


Our mission is to provide tailored solutions for each project, to have a high impact on organizations and people that improves sustainability for each company and the economic advancement of the beneficiaries.

Why are we Ingenial

Our interdisciplinary team has been forged over the years to offer the best technological tools; an adequate solution to the needs of your company. We analyze each project in a different way, making a diagnosis and execution tailored.

We want to offer our best

We understand that an investment must bring a return, that’s why our main objective is to satisfy the needs of your company.

Our different team works in synergy to offer high quality in our services.

We analyze the needs and pains of your clients to identify insights that help us optimize the user experience.

We care as much as you for your tools; We know the importance of having stability, security and trust.

The property licenses, domains, hosting and accounts are yours. With us you will not have the problem of being ‘kidnapped’ or having your PI stolen.

There are Two ways to Work with us

Choose a Team member that Fit your Needs...


You can choose to work directly with one of our collaborators, he will be in charge of attending meetings, performing the tasks assigned to you and delivering the work to you, as if he were another member of your work team with our help in Q&A, testing and management.


Both are Fully Culture and Politics Adaptive

We are on Slack and Github too...

No matter how your team chats, plans or controls their tasks, our collaborators will adjust to the needs of the project. You will feel that they are another employee, to whom you can assign tasks and request reports.


... or Hire our Remote Full-Stack Team


The second way is that you have our whole team work together to perform tasks that you assign us. A person in charge of the project will be the direct contact with your work team and will attend meetings, plan tasks with the team and transmit messages in both directions.


Our Services

We are part of the Usability Cluster – UXarte TIC del  Quindio, a grand community of companies from the region. We work with the ParqueSoft network, and also participated, with high performance, in training and technical formation with and the IT Ministry.
Mobile Apps Development

Mobile services are increasingly important for companies because it allows them the opportunity to interact with customers or users directly from their cell phone, at any time, anywhere.

Progressive Web Development

Static and only informative web pages are unattractive business tools, because they are so simple and generate so little value to the user. With the new web development trends, these problems have been solved and turned into an opportunity to capture a different market niche.

Programmatic Software Testing

Even most experts miss some manual errors; the programmatic testing will reduce greatly the errors caused by human mistakes. This tool allows you to test the software that is going to be delivered to the client in several ways.

Usability Testing Lab for UI/UX

Modern interface design seeks to generate more engagement and conversion. To optimize the performance of a solution it is necessary to think and invest in usability, this is a plus for all users and will improve the conversion rate of its technological solutions.

Third Party Integrations and Automizations

Modern companies use data-driven strategies to amplify their messages and reduce the cost and work of their campaigns, which is why it is vital to integrate their eCommerce, sales tools and marketing altogether and start leading the game.